Well lets start at the very beginning…..Chris Janes was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She took an immediate liking to music as a young girl. Her Mom and Dad encouraged and supported her interest and young talent. People always praised her singing at a young age beginning at the age of 8. Chris was always appointed the “songleader” in girl scouts and sang in her church choir, Highland Park Baptist. Piano lessons started at the age of 8 and voice lessons at the age of 12. Chris studied with Sinalee Groves, her elementary music teacher and with several vocal instructors at the University of Louisville School of Music. At the age of 15, Chris joined her 1st band, “Anxiety”. The group was comprised of some very talented young male musicians, playing Hammond B3 organ/piano, electric bass, lead and rhythm guitar and drums. (Bruce and Brent Board, Tom Van Arsdale, Brian Stirsman and Kent Brown.) The teenage group performed every weekend for local “sock hops, high school and college proms and dances, roller rink skating parties….some of the best memories and experience was performing for the soldiers stationed at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. In Jr high and High school she was very involved with the choral groups under the direction of Mary Kay Jones, Carolyn Grosse and Ivan Baugh. Chris participated in the musicals at school, always getting a lead vocal part. Chris auditioned for the Louisville singing group, “The Motet Singers”, under the direction of David Jones. With that group she traveled to Washington D.C. (the group sang at the White House for President Nixon and his wife), the group also traveled out west to perform both sacred and secular concerts.
Chris participated in numerous beauty and scholarship pageants as a young lady and on into college. Those pageants 13 total, included (Kentucky Jr Miss, Miss Teenage Louisville, Miss Teenage Louisville Park and Recreation, Miss Louisville, Miss Jefferson County and Miss Kentucky.) Through these winnings and also always winning the talent portion of the contests…she was ‘hooked”… was what made her “tick”….with that inspiration and her love of music….she felt she was on the “right path” and continued to further her music knowledge with formal training in the area of voice, piano and music theory/history and attended music schools to complete 2 degrees from the University of Kentucky, earning an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. All the while attending school, she performed 5-6 nights a week with her band, “Chris Janes & Company.” Her engagements, included the Continental Inn in Lexington and Flaherty’s III. (Lexington), The Galt House, Stouffer’s Inn, “Grog Shoppe”, The Hyatt, Sergeant Pepper’s all in Louisville and many, many more. Chris was hired to sing dozens of “jingles” for national, regional and local promotions, to include, Kraft Cheese, Sylvania Superset, Mattress Giant “ooh ah”, Britt’s Department store, bank, car, formal wear, college, radio and t.v. identication call letters.
Chris later joined/formed a dynamic dance group, “The Bobby Lanz/Chris Janes Band”. Bobby lanz on Vocals, piano, organ, and bass, Todd Nickens, guitar/vocals and Bill Miles on drums. This group kept busy with performances all about Louisville….Flaherty’s III, Amy’s, Krons, Peter Outlaw’s, Peter O’s, Harlow’s. The group also traveled to St. Louis (Tryst’s), Ft. Meyers, Naples, Ft. Lauderdale and Baton Rouge. (Sheraton). Bobby Lanz wrote a hit song that the band performed and recorded, it was played on the radio and was a great success called “Ft. Lauderdale”. While with this band Chris and her friend, David Benzick wrote numerous songs together and were recorded at “Fultz Studio”. A 45 record was produced with side A “Scream and Tell the World” and the flip side with a Janes/Benzick collaboration, “Easy to Hurt”.
Chris decided to spread her wings, while on spring break, in Ft. Lauderdale she was asked to join a 16 piece dance band, “The September Band”. She moved there, without hesitation, one month later. The group was a showy 6 night a week engagement that lasted 7 years. The band had some marvelously talented members/alumni….some of those names gracing the stage through those years include, Jon Secada, Alphons, Kettner, Koffee, Dennis Nolday, Steve Haley ,Greg Diaz, Adrian Garcia, Michael Bell, Michael Whitehead, Ruby Baker, Toni Bishop, Jay Drake, Jay Cohen, John Platero, John Eatmon, John Zambrano, Andrew Jackson, Charles Blackman, Wanda Williams, John Lucas, Lem Swain, Jeff Lowe, Chic Miles, Frank Tolbert, Mitch Farber, Suzi Carr, Teddy Mullett, Debbie Mullett, Mitch Goldstein, Dave Bowman, Ron Catti, Ron Jonas…a stage adorned with fabulous talent, tuxedos, sequins and music charts.
Chris left the September Band briefly to perform and open the Harbor Beach Marriot, Ft. Lauderdale for a period of 6 months. Chris then returned to again perform at “September Night Club’ through 1988.
Chris, then went on to join “WillPower”, with band members, Will English, Chuck Burke and Greg Diaz. (performance years from 1988-1997) at “Pete’s Restaurant and Lounge of Boca Raton, Florida.
In 1997-2007, Chris performed with the talented, Paul Pettitt at the Boca Raton Resort & Beach Club, and in the last of those 2-3 years, she played with the talented Paul Stewart and Howie Schneider @ the Boca Resort Member’s Club room.
Yes, Chris decided to make her permanent residence, South Florida, currently residing in Lighthouse Point.
In her years as a performer/singer she has great stories of some very memorable experiences throughout her music career. One of her first memories was having a man walk to the stage in Lexington, where she was performing, he was Harland Sanders “The Colonel” himself! He tried to give her a monetary tip of $100, by asking her to let him slip it in her dress, “she backed up” knowing her Mom and 5 year old brother was in the audience and said, “oh, Sir, please don’t squeeze the Charmin”…the audience laughed hysterically,,, and the “Colonel” proceeded to place the $100. bill on the stage by her feet!. She experienced a lot of generosities throughout the years, receiving extravagant gifts, flowers, jewelry, champagne, etc. Having another infamous person be generous with tips…Mr. John Gotti always had a “presidential” request, “please sing “Wind Beneath My Wings”, followed by a $1,000.00 folded up and given to her. She was asked on numerous occasions at the club September along with the other singers to go into the “champagne room” and sip champagne with such visiting celebrities as, Michael Jackson, Kirk Douglas, Rodney Dangerfield, Irene Cara, Treat Williams….Robert Conrad and many, many others…. they just wanted to meet the singers. She has enjoyed great meetings, compliments and conversations with many famous musicians such as Toto, Natalie Cole, Roberta Flack, David Paish, Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, Barry White, The letterman, Art Garfunkel, Marvin Hamlisch, Donald O’Connor. Ben Vereen, Shirley Bassey and Steven Tyler.
She has also recorded demos and promotion songs for a company called “Sophisticato”, singing a Mother’s day song and a demo for Roberta Flack’s Valentine’s Day song.
In the last years, (1999 until the present), her life has been quite busy, first teaching elementary music at a local private school, Zion Lutheran, (1999-2004) and then teaching Elementary music for the Palm Beach district full-time since 2004. Chris also gives private voice, piano and theory lessons to all ages.
Her professional singing…..hasn’t missed a beat, in the last few years, her performance schedule includes steady engagements at a variety of locations of which many frequent: Café Europa (Palm beach), The Breaker’s (Palm Beach), Timpano (Las Olas),Vino Wine Bar and Italian Tapas(Boca Raton), Waterstone Resort & Marina(Boca Raton), Frank & Dino (Deerfield Beach), Sunset Catch (Pompano Beach), Josephine’s (Boca Raton), Domas (Boca Raton).Bocaire Country Club (Boca Raton)
Chris performs as a solo, or based on a client needs or request…with any size band/ensemble.
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